Safe Transport


Gosnells Bowling Club Inc



Gosnells Bowling Club Inc recognises that:

  • It has a duty of care to all members and visitors involved in club-related activities
  • Mixing drugs (including prescription medication) with other drugs or alcohol can seriously affect the ability to drive safely
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs is illegal and hazardous to individuals and the wider community
  • Drink driving is one of the main causes of road deaths in Australia
  • It takes one hour for each standard drink of alcohol consumed to be broken down by the liver
  • It takes considerable time until a person can legally and safely drive home if they have consumed over the recommended levels of alcohol. 

Accordingly, the following safe transport policy shall apply for all functions undertaken by the club that involve the serving and/or consumption of alcohol. 


  • Where possible, the club will display standard drink posters/cards to help patrons recognise what standard drinks are and the implications on drink driving.
  • Taxi vouchers (where available) and non-alcoholic drinks will be considered as part of raffle prizes and awards.
  • Telephone calls will be made free of charge to arrange a taxi (where available) or to call a sober person to provide transport from the club.
  • Contact telephone numbers for taxi services (where available) will be clearly displayed in the club. 

Bar Staff/Servers of alcohol

Bar staff/servers of alcohol shall:

  • Encourage members and visitors to make alternate safe transport arrangements if they are considered to be intoxicated or at risk of exceeding .05 blood alcohol concentration (e.g. free call to a taxi/friend/family)
  • Promote low alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks to consumers. 

Club Functions

  • The club may provide transport to and from functions where available and possible (e.g. using club bus or contacting local bus services such as council, school or tourist buses).The bar manager will contact taxi companies should a member or guest require a taxi to arrive at the venue at the conclusion of the function.
    • The bus or transport provided will be an alcohol-free zone (ie. no loading up the bus with alcohol or consuming alcohol on the bus).
    • The bus is not to be used to transport members between licensed venues (i.e. not to be used for a pub crawl).
    • People who have consumed alcohol are to make alternative safe transport arrangements to get from the bus drop-off to home.
  • In specific cases, where a designated driver nominated by the club has accepted the responsibility to drive others home safely, the club will provide non-alcoholic drinks and/or bar food free of charge (or passengers will be encouraged to pay for these for their driver).
  • Taxi companies (where available) will be provided with club function details for potential business on the night.
  • Taxi company phone number(s) (where available) will be displayed on the clubs notice board.
  • The MC for the function/committee will advise attendees that the club is a Good Sport accredited club, communicate the safe transport options and regularly remind attendees to drink and behave responsibly. 

Committee Members, Members, Players and Officials

Those attending club activities where they are planning on drinking alcohol are encouraged to:

  • Make alternative transport arrangements to get to and from the activity safely.
  • Plan ahead and arrange overnight accommodation.
  • Share a taxi (where available) with friends.
  • Catch public transport (where available).
  • Ride with a driver who hasn’t been drinking alcohol or taking drugs. 


Policy Review

This policy will be reviewed annually to ensure it remains relevant to club operations and reflects both community expectations and legal requirements.




Signed copy on file


Signed copy on file


Club President


Club Secretary


3 March 2017


3 March 2017


Next policy review date is 3 March 2018

Our Safe Transport Policy meets part of our commitment to the Australian Drug Foundation’s Good Sports Program. Go to for more information.