Men’s Saturday Pennants – Gosnells Bowling Club




General Information

Indicate on pennant board if travelling direct to away games.

Please list name on the “unavailable list” on the Notice Board.

Players are asked to arrive at the game venue by 12.30pm Midweek and 12.45pm on Saturdays to allow time for a roll up.

Green Fees/Afternoon tea are $6 ($3 green fee & $3 afternoon tea – cheese & biscuits).

Thirds are responsible for washing & drying afternoon tea dishes.

Managers, your scorecards, result sheets and envelopes for green fees will be printed for you by David Bradbury and left on the bench near the men’s pennant board. Any late changes will need to be written by hand.
Scorer or skipper to sign scorecards after each pennant game.

One rink will be selected each week to act as the duty team. Please refer to the pennant board for an outline of duties.

Club Goals
The minimum overall goal is for all sides to hold all their division, with the ultimate aim being to play finals.

Notification of Team Selections
Sides will be posted on the Club’s Pennant board, Facebook page and website.
In the event a selected player becomes unavailable after teams have been selected, replacement players will be decided upon by a minimum of two (2) members of the Selection Committee.

Selector Contact Details for Divisions Midweek and Saturday
Players in Divisions 1 and 2 are only to contact Frank Carbone (0422 293 453) or Trevor Close (0435 005 822) for matters relating to these divisions.
Players in Divisions 3, 4 and 6 are only to contact Keith Davis (0411 756 637) or Albert Pedrotti (0419 992 955 or 0490 233 954) for matters relating to these divisions.

Selectors will be available to discuss any concerns of a general nature that players may have. Complaints or concerns of a more serious nature can be discussed with the selectors on Tuesday night at 4.00pm.

Factors Which May Affect a Player’s Selection
Availability: A player’s commitment for the full season & availability for selection in any division will be favourably regarded. Players who make themselves unavailable at short notice (except for a good reason) adversely risk affecting their selection outcome. Players becoming unavailable for any reason will not automatically be picked in the same team, position or division upon their return.

Personal Preferences: Players who limit who they will or won’t play with, or what position (except for medical reasons) or division they want to be selected in adversely risk affecting their own selection outcome.

Player Behaviour: Pennant Players who do not meet the behaviour expectations outlined in the Club’s Constitution, By Laws, Policies and Code of Conduct shall risk their selection to represent the Club.

Players Who Miss Selection: Players missing selection need to prove to the selectors, through practice and performance in Club events, that their form warrants them a regular place ahead of another player.