Gosnells Bowling Club is governed by our Constitution as required by the Associations Incorporation Act.

As an affiliated Member of Bowls WA, and Bowls Australia, we have also adopted a number of policies that apply to all affiliated Bowls Clubs.

Club members and guests are referred to the following key policies that we conform to in our day to day operations.

The policies cover legal obligations, as well as guidelines for administrators and officials in managing a safe bowls club environment, and upholding laws in relation to discrimination, harassment, bullying, and protection of members of all ages.

We know you will respect and abide by them and thank you for your co-operation.

Code of Conduct

Environmental Policy

Harm Minimisation

House Management Policy

Injury Management & Rehabilitation Policy

Occupational Health & Safety



Smoke Free

Preservation of Greens

Safe Transport

Strategic Business Plan

Child Protection Policy

Anti-Harassment Policy

bullying policy