Around the Club

And the Season Has Begun!

Last Saturday, 11 September, saw the official opening of the Club’s 2021/22 season by President Peter Charkiewicz. The theme for the speech was “moving forward” following the disruptions of the last few years from COVID.

While wishing every bowler a great season, he asked all members to revitalise the club’s reputation as the friendliest club in the West.

Following the official opening, Members took to A and B greens for a short game of Drawn Mixed Fours. It was great to see everyone in uniform, and as always there has heaps of friendly rivalry!

Following the game, members adjourned to the clubhouse for a light tea.

Although it was called a “light” tea, Convenor Chris Emery ensured there was not only ample for all, but a wide variety of meats and salads.

Terresa Lynes, representing major business partner Bendigo Bank Canning Vale, attended the opening earlier in the day but was unable to stay for the light tea.

Major Business Partner Hazel McGinty, Principal of One Agency Hazel McGinty Real Estate, joined Life Members Angela Sharp, Brian Fox, Maureen Dalton, Beth Clark, and Bob Clark on the head table, joined by President Peter Charkiewicz.

The tea is to honour the decades of dedication and commitment to the Club by the Life Members.

Following the sumptuous feast, Men’s Captain Grant Anderson announced the results for the day, while Ladies Captain Laraine cook handed out the precious envelopes!

Third place went to Marcia Kitson, Norma Smith, Albert Pedrotti & Jo Dunne (+ 13).

In second place were Iris Sharkey, Phil Deas, Helen Vaulters & Gloria McDonald (+ 14).

The winners were John Renton, Bob Gowland, Margaret Dillon & Val Weaver (+24).

Well done to all!

Congratulations to the Captains, Convenor and everyone who assisted to make the day a great success. Let’s go Kookaburras – Fly High.