Cash Handling Policy



The objective of this policy is to ensure that all employees AND Club members are aware of their obligations when engaged in cash handling duties and tasks.


The policy applies to all employees and Club members who have cash handling responsibilities.


Where a variance (over or under) has been identified, employees are required to report that variance, regardless of the amount to the Bar Manager.

Employees and Club members are not permitted to retain any variance that results in an excess of monies recorded, to ensure the float balances.

Employees and Club members may be required to participate in an investigation to identify the source of the discrepancy.  The Club may refer any discrepancies identified to the WA Police Force for further investigations.

Employees or Club members must not remove monies from the club at any time, with the exception of banking purposes.

Monies retained within the Club safe must not be greater than $10,000.00 at any one time.

If Club monies is greater than $10,000.00 on any one day, the monies must be separated into two (2) smaller quantities and be distributed between the Club’s safes. It shall then be taken to the banking institution on the next working day.

Banking of the Club’s monies must be done at least once per week. Whilst taking the Club’s monies to the banking institution, it must be delivered directly with no detour or stopping off.


The Club has an obligation to consistently apply and enforce this policy. Likewise, employees must comply with this policy.

Any employee who breaches this policy shall be subject to counselling, training, and/or disciplinary action, which may include termination of employment.

Policy Review

This policy will be reviewed annually to ensure it remains relevant to Club operations and reflects both community expectations and legal requirements.


Signed: __________________________ Signed: __________________________
  Club President   Club Secretary
Date: 17 January 2020 Date:  17 January 2020


Next policy review date is 17 January 2021