Changes to Ladies Tuesday 3rd Division Pennants

Received from Bowls WA:
Good Evening Clubs and Women’s Tuesday Pennant Contacts

As described in last week’s email, I have combined 3rd Division Red and White for the rest of the season.

These fixtures have taken some manipulation to come up with an even as possible 11 team 18 week home and away draw. However apart from the first 3 rounds, all fixtures were randomly drawn.

The fixtures do not follow the usual home and away parameters that we are use too so it may seem unusual, but ultimately the following things are in place:

  1. The first 3 rounds are fixtures already played – scores will automatically be added from the previous colours into Bowls Link.
  2. Everybody plays each other once with some playing each other twice
  3. Four teams have one bye for the season and seven teams have two byes – those who have two byes will receive additional points at the end of the season as per Pennant COP
  4. Nine teams have 8 home games and  two teams have 9 home games (teams with less byes)
  5. The top team only at the end of the home and away season will play for the flag.
  6. The top four teams at the end of the home and away season will be promoted to 2nd division next season.