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Clubs WA STRIVE Program Completed

The Club recently completed the Clubs WA STRIVE program, a tiered system where clubs challenge themselves to be the best club in 2020.
Clubs WA’s partnership with the Road Safety Commission presents a unique opportunity to communicate road safety messages to a wide range of road users across WA.
STRIVE stands for Success, Transparency, Road Safety, Integration, Values, and Engagement.
While the program has a strong focus on road safety, there is an underlying message of running your club in a business-like manner. The Executive team recognised some years ago the need to move towards a business model, resulting in a resourceful and dynamic lawn bowls club that has a strong future. The program is a guide illustrating many aspects of a sustainable business.
The STRIVE philosophy has been the mantra of the modern Gosnells Bowling Club. The road safety element has been implemented and integrated into the fabric of our commitment to our members and the wider community.
We are geared for success, are transparent in everything we do, have strong values, and a long-term goal of integration and engagement with our community.

There are three categories within the Road Safety Award (Small, Medium and Large):

  • The first three clubs in each category to successfully complete level four will receive $500
  • Reach level four and automatically go in the running to win Clubs WA Road Safety Award
  • The winning club in each category will win an additional $1,500
The successful clubs will be announced later this year.