Coach Hockey Outlines Pennant Focus

With the pennant season about to get underway, Club coach, Tony Hockey, has outlined his role for the year ahead. Improving pennant performance is the main focus. Players are asked to refer to the notice board for specific details on various programs being implemented.
Some important points made by Tony were:
General Philosophy
Improvement through practice sessions, catering for all divisions.
The desire to be more successful is a personal responsibility to improve on the skills players have.
If you change nothing, nothing changes.
Sides should be reviewing performance after a game in an open, honest and respectful manner.
Teams need to be cohesive as opposed to compatible. Wanting to play with your mates may not necessarily be the best “fit” for the team or side.
Focus meetings
Once pennant sides are established and settled there is a need to meet and discuss how we progress or improve our team environment. These sessions would be held in the evening and be conducted separately with each division.
Skill Development
Specific modules for areas such as skill development and mental preparation will be presented.
He also wished all players the best and looks forward to working with everyone.