Employee Development Policy



Gosnells Bowling Club (GBC) recognises the importance of training and developing its staff.

GBC understands that its employees are key to its success as an organisation. It, therefore, encourages staff to be continually improving their skills and abilities both through on-the-job and off-the-job training.

GBC acknowledges that training and development of staff provides benefits both to its employees in terms of their overall career and prospects for advancement within the organisation, as well as being central to the success it can achieve as a business.

This Staff Training and Development Policy (Policy) sets out what GBC may offer employees through training and development opportunities aimed at promoting the growth of individuals, teams and achieving success for the organisation.

Commencement of Policy

This Policy will commence on [CommencementDate]. It replaces all other policies dealing with staff training and development (whether written or not).

Application of the Policy

This Policy applies to all employees of GBC. This Policy does not form part of any employee’s contract of employment.


GBC may require you to undertake specific training related to your current position, or as a prerequisite for performing a different position, for example, if you are promoted to a higher position. Any such training may be carried out either at GBC’s premises or externally.

Training opportunities may also arise as part of your performance review. GBC encourages employees to propose suggestions for employment-related training to assist their development.

You are required to have the permission of GBC prior to either signing up or attending, a training course. If you fail to obtain permission, GBC at its discretion, may decide not to reimburse you for any course fees you have paid or discipline you for any unauthorised time you have taken off work (up to and including termination of employment).

How does staff development work?

Individual staff training and development needs should be discussed during GBC’s staff development review process. The review process is designed to:

  • encourage constructive dialogue between staff members and their supervisors;
  • enhance the staff member’s professional development;
  • clarify job responsibilities and performance goals/expectations;
  • establish appropriate development and performance objectives;
  • help staff identify a possible career path for themselves;
  • identify ways in which GBC’s organisation and/or operation might enable individuals to improve their performance;
  • ensure that information on job performance and achievements is recorded in each staff member’s employment history; and
  • provide a basis for decisions on remuneration.

What can GBC offer?

GBC may offer any of the following opportunities for staff development:

  • an induction program when you join GBC, to understand the way GBC operates, including what contribution you are expected to make;
  • various degrees of support as you develop the competence and capability for which you have been employed;
  • the opportunity to develop new competencies and capabilities relevant to your employment with GBC, and which enhance your career prospects and lifelong learning both within and outside GBC;
  • to participate in GBC’s staff development review process with your line manager, including identifying opportunities for ongoing training and/or support, an annual review of your previous development programs and identification of plans; and
  • an exit interview when you leave GBC, so that your comments may be incorporated into the development programs of other members of staff.

What GBC Expects from You

GBC expects that you will:

  • develop your skills and capabilities which are aligned with GBC’s strategy at the appropriate level, e.g. team or individual;
  • participate in staff development review process in partnership with your line manager, including an annual review of your past development and identification of future plans;
  • take personal responsibility to update your specific expertise on a regular basis, as appropriate to the nature of your job;
  • identify any training and development opportunities and raise these with management for their consideration;
  • contribute to team staff development where appropriate; and
  • keep a record of your staff development activity.


Policy Review

This policy will be reviewed annually to ensure it remains relevant to club operations and reflects both community expectations and legal requirements.


Signed: ____________________________ Signed: ____________________________
  Club President   Club Secretary
Date: 17 January 2020 Date: 17 January 2020

Next policy review date is 17 January 2021