Harm Minimisation – Gosnells Bowling Club


The management and staff of Gosnells Bowling Club strictly adhere to the guidelines of their Harm Minimisation Policy. The following guidelines are enforced to ensure that guests and members have a safe experience at our establishment and that local residents are not adversely impacted by the business.


Alcohol is only served to members and guests in a responsible manner. Non-alcoholic beverages are to be made available at all times that the business is open for business. Intoxicated and /or disorderly persons are to be refused service of alcohol.

How to refuse service of alcohol.

  • Using a tactful, polite and yet assertive manner, advise the member or guest that by law they cannot be served another alcoholic drink.
  • Offer a non-alcoholic alternative.
  • Arrange a taxi.


  • Tactful, polite yet assertive. Prevent embarrassment by talking to the person away from others.
  • Do not use the word “Drunk”.
  • Do not use physical force.

If a member or guest becomes disorderly, warn them that their behaviour is unacceptable and request them to leave the premises.

Who to contact.

Notify the Duty Approved Manager immediately of intoxicated and/or disorderly behaviour. If further assistance is required, the Police Communications Control Room can be contacted on 9222 1555.


Juveniles (members or guests under the age of 18 years) must never be served alcohol, even if they are accompanied by a parent or responsible adult. If parents or responsible adults are seen to be serving alcohol to juveniles, the Duty Approved Manager must be immediately informed.


All staff are familiar with the establishments Emergency Policy.

Contact 000 in case of emergency stating the service required (fire, ambulance or police). In a clear and calm voice provide the emergency services with the address and nature of the emergency.


All incidents are to be reported to the Duty Approved Manager and recorded in the Incident Book located behind the bar.


Any complaints from members, guests or neighbours must be attended to by the Duty Approved Manager and recorded in the Incident Book located behind the bar. It is the responsibility of the Duty Approved Manager to inform the club Management for their rectification.


To ensure the business does not adversely impact on local residents, late night and early morning noise must be kept to a minimum. The collection of bins should be scheduled so as not to impact on local residents. Outdoor speakers should be kept to a level which does not impact on local residents. And should be switched off when not in use. Music must be stopped at or before midnight.


During special events, accredited crowd controllers from licensed security companies will be contracted to provide security. The Duty Approved Manager will liaise with the security company should a problem arise.

Dress Standard

All members and guests are required to be appropriately attired at all times. Footwear must always be worn.

Behaviour of children

Children must always be supervised and controlled by their parents or responsible adults at all times.


All staff will undergo refresher training courses and will be kept informed of the latest industry standards. An important part of the training program will be to instil in employees an understanding of legislative obligations, patrons demands, responsible server practice and how to deal with patrons who appear to be affected by alcohol.

Policy Review

This policy will be reviewed annually to ensure it remains relevant to club operations and reflects both community expectations and legal requirements.


Signed: ____________________________ Signed: ____________________________
Club President Club Secretary
Date:  17 January 2020 Date: 17 January 2020


Next policy review date is 17 January 2021