Higher Duties Policy



The objective of this policy is to ensure that all employees are aware of their rights and obligations when performing higher duties for the Club.


Employees who possess the skills and knowledge to undertake the responsibilities of more senior roles in the Club, may be asked to perform higher duties. For an employee, performing higher duties provides an opportunity to learn, to improve short and long-term career prospects, and to be paid a higher wage or salary for the period of the higher duties.

Employees who are required to perform higher duties shall be paid according to clause 18.1(h) of the Registered and Licensed Clubs Award 2010.

Any employee who is required to perform higher duties shall be informed of the:

  1. Specific tasks and duties they will be required to perform;
  2. Period of time they will be performing these specific tasks and duties; and,
  3. Rate of pay they shall receive for performing higher duties.


The Club has an obligation to consistently apply and enforce this policy. Likewise, employees must comply with this policy.

Any employee who breaches this policy shall be subject to counselling and/or disciplinary action, which may include termination of employment.

Policy Review

This policy will be reviewed annually to ensure it remains relevant to Club operations and reflects both community expectations and legal requirements.


Signed: __________________________ Signed: __________________________
  Club President   Club Secretary
Date: 17 January 2020 Date: 17 January 2020

Next policy review date is 17 January 2021