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Keeping Healthy, Keeping Strong with Forever Fitness

There was a good turn out last Monday 27 July for the first session of Forever Fitness training at the Club.
With 21 people taking the opportunity of a free lesson from Michael Ho, social distancing didn’t provide a problem!
Forever Fitness is an exercise group dedicated to promote health and fitness to the senior community.
The founder, Michael Ho, is a qualified group fitness (Cert III) and personal fitness (Cert IV) instructor.
He is also a Kung Fu and Qi Gong master with extensive experience.
The program covers all the important aspects of fitness including stretching, balancing, muscle strength, cardiovascular and relaxation exercises.
The major relaxation exercise is Fitness Qi Gong Ba Duan Jin.
Ba Duan Jin literally means Eight Sections of Silky Movement (similar to Tai Chi but a lot easier to learn than Tai Chi). It can be practised either standing up or sitting down.
Ba Duan Jin is now classified as the most popular Fitness Qi Gong in China.
Training is held every Monday from 11am – 12 noon
For the first session on Monday 27 July it will be free, after that it will $5 for GBC Members and $8 for non-members.
If non-members attend 10 sessions they will qualify for social membership of the club and then the fee will be $5.
For more information please contact Rob Gibbons on 0429 042 821 and