Mission, Vision & Core Values – Gosnells Bowling Club

Mission, Vision and Core Values

Gosnells Bowling Club has established itself as a progressive and forward thinking lawn bowls club.
In keeping with the strategic direction for bowls in Australia, management are committed to ensuring the future of lawn bowls. This will be achieved by preserving the traditions that shape the values of the game, while growing participation across all ages and ethnicities.
Our Mission, Vision and Values are in alignment with those of Bowls Australia and Bowls WA.

Our Mission:

To foster, promote and widen participation in lawn bowls through provision of quality bowling and club facilities in a family friendly, supportive and positive environment.

Our Vision:  

To be the Club of choice for Gosnells and surrounding communities, and embrace the changing dynamics of the sport.

Our Values:

Having respect for and appreciation of our fellow members, guests and supporters.

Commitment to our training and game preparation in a manner befitting our Club, assisting members to realise their full potential by offering programs for developing and maintaining skills.

Involving our Club in the community by making our facilities available to various institutions and groups, promoting competition and  community spirit.

Actively seek opportunities that encourage community members to play this organised sport, which emphasises sportsmanship and social development of both youth and adults alike.

Develop and maintain effective communication across all mediums with our members, local community, business partners and all levels of government.

Continue to be a progressive, forward thinking Club and commit to increasing participation in social bowls, Jack Attack and Junior Jack Attack to reflect the changing direction of lawn bowls in Australia.