Around the Club


Hello all,
The Club held its Annual General Meeting on Sunday 9 August. This year saw over one hundred members in attendance, which to my recollection is one of the biggest turnouts for many years. I would like to thank all members that gave up their time to attend the meeting.
There were four Notices of Motion presented at the meeting which were all dealt with to the satisfaction of all present.
The first motion was in regard to the selection process. Option two (2) on the motion was voted in favour of.
The second motion was to change the Constitution to reflect changing the By-Laws. This motion was defeated and the members voted to add an additional section into the By-Laws to reflect the method of changing By-Laws.
The third motion was in regard to reviewing the Constitution on a regular basis. This motion was not voted on as it was explained that this already happens.
The fourth motion was in regard to General Business being re-introduced at the AGM. This motion was not voted on as the decision to re-introduce General Business was discussed at last year’s AGM and was ratified at the first meeting of Management after last year’s AGM.
I would like to thank Grant Anderson and his team for putting on a breakfast before the AGM.
On Friday 7 August, a lot was drawn at the Club for the position of Chairperson of House. This was carried out as there was a tie for this position. The two candidates were Penny Wright and Helen Vaulters. The successful candidate was Helen Vaulters. Congratulations to her.
I have received the following information from Clubs WA regarding COVID-19 Hygiene Certificates and the use of our kitchen.
“The COVID Hygiene training was a requirement to open in Phase 3 and therefore can be seen as a carry over to Phase 4. Under the Closure and Restrictions (Limit the Spread) Directions (No 5), required hygiene standards must be maintained; and staff need to be appropriately trained/educated. The onus is on the club to ensure all directions are complied with. Penalties for non-compliance are up to $50,000 for individuals and $250,000 for bodies corporate (eg Club)”.
It is of utmost importance that every person who wishes to do anything in the Club’s kitchen, even washing up, has carried out the appropriate training and acquired the COVID-19 Hygiene Certificate.
Rob Gibbons is going to send all members a list of names of those who have produced their certificates to the Club.
If you have a Certificate and your name is not on the list, please send a copy to Merle at the Club.
The Club doesn’t want to get fined for non-compliance and I am sure that you as members feel the same way.
On Friday 14 August, Brown Geotechnical will be at the Club to carry out some preliminary ground drilling.
They will be here most of the morning.
This forms part of the Feasibility Study investigating the potential for new Clubrooms on the current site.
I would like to remind all our members that Social Distancing has been put in place to protect all of us.Please everybody, pay attention to these rules. It’s for your safety.
I would like to wish all members whose birthday falls over the next two weeks, A Very Happy Birthday.
Stay safe everybody.
Peter C