Around the Club


Hello all,
Over the past week or so, Rob Stasinowsky, Rob Gibbons, Stuart Emery and I interviewed several applicants for the vacant bar position.
This position has not been filled at this point. A new applicant will be interviewed on Saturday.
On Sunday 28 June, the Club held a Special General Meeting (SGM) to discuss a petition regarding the selection process.
Although the petition was discussed for a while, it was evident the majority of time was spent on an attack on Management for the way in which it handled the By-law change and the Selection Panel member numbers.
The By-Law change was solely implemented to rectify an inconsistency between the By-Laws and the Selection Guidelines. There was no ulterior motive behind this change as was intimated by members at the SGM.
As for the Selection Panel, the Management have the right to appoint additional members if this appointment will further the objects of the Club.
I would like to remind all members that the Management have the following responsibilities:
• The Management Committee consists of duly elected and appointed members by all members eligible to vote, to manage the affairs of the Club for the ensuing 12 months.
• Included in their Management responsibilities is to make, alter and repeal By-Laws NOT inconsistent with the Rules of the Club, regulate the use and management of The Club premises, admission of members and the conduct of the Club and its affairs generally.
• There is an over-arching authority in the Constitution for the Management Committee to appoint additional members to any position that will further the Objects of the Club.
Volunteers throughout the Club, including the Management are unpaid and do not deserve the criticism that
is thrown at them almost daily. They are all human and all make mistakes, just like everybody else.
It’s time to start looking forward and concentrate on the positives and make the coming years bigger and better.
Don’t forget that the AGM is coming up on 9 August. Nominations for committee positions close on 18 July, so be quick with your nomination. Any member wishing to apply for a Management position must make their nomination on the correct nomination form which includes a declaration that must be completed and
signed. The Management positions can be found in the Club’s Constitution on our web page.
Please remember that only current financial Ordinary, Life and Concession members can nominate for Management
The Club will be holding its Trophy Presentation Night on 18 July in the Club. Unfortunately, due to Stage 4 restrictions, we are limited to 94 persons in attendance. We were hoping to increase this number, but as Stage 5 has been put back till August by the WA State Government, we are still limited to the 94 persons.
There will be limited seats available, so first names on the list will get the tickets not already allocated to trophy winners, sponsors and life members.
My congratulations go to the successful candidates during the recent Selection Panel interviews.
My condolences go to the unsuccessful candidates. As the Management comprises both duly elected and appointed members, the Selection Panel comprises both duly elected and appointed members of Management.
I would like to thank all the Management Committee for all their hard work over the past year, especially during the COVID-19 months. I would like to wish all Management Committee members that may be standing down next year, the very best for their future.
I would like to wish all members whose birthday falls over the next two weeks, a Very Happy Birthday.
Stay safe everybody.
Peter C