Around the Club

President’s Report

Hello all,

On Saturday 5 September the Club held its Open Day for the coming season. I would like to thank our Club Patron and Partner Chris Tallentire, Club Partners and Life Members that were there on the day. I would also like to thank all members that were there to make this event a great success.

There was a turnout of 72 bowlers which resulted in a great game of bowls. Sorry to those bowlers that could not attend due to the limitations set by the current situation. These limits were totally out of our control. I expect by this time next year all will be back to normal.

The day was concluded by a very well presented meal served to us by Christine Emery and her helpers. The meal was excellent and a great day was had by all.

My thanks go to Grant, Angie, and their respective committees for organising the day.

Over the past week or so, Helen Vaulters, David Vaulters and Jo Watson spent quite a bit of time giving the Trophy Board in the passageway leading to the rear emergency exit a well needed facelift. The board and trophies are now in immaculate condition. Thanks to the all of them. I would also like to thank all members that attended the Busy Bee on Monday 7th September. A great job was done by all.

On Saturday 29 August, Rob Gibbons, Merle Burn, Margaret Dillon and I attended Bowls WA Annual General Meeting held at Manning Bowling Club. Not much to report but the good news is that the Men’s Thursday Bowls format will be returning to the old format with the exception of dead ends. There will be no dead ends, spot the jack, and Ladies Saturday Bowls will be returning to 18 ends. Great news for the majority of bowlers.

I would like to remind all members that it is of utmost importance that every person who wishes to do anything in the Club’s kitchen, even washing up, has carried out the appropriate training and acquired the COVID-19 Hygiene Certificate. Thank you to all of our members that have produced their certificates to the Club. If there are still some members that have completed the course and have not submitted their certificate to the club, can you please do so at your earliest convenience.

I know that I keep harking on, but I would like to remind all our members that Social Distancing has been out in place to protect all of us. Please everybody, pay attention to these rules. It’s for your safety.

I would like to wish all members whose birthday falls over the next two weeks, A Very Happy Birthday.

Stay safe everybody.

Peter C