Around the Club

The Speakeasy Comes to Town!

Another great night at the Club last Saturday, 14 November, when the roaring twenties came to town!
Flappers, gangsters, godfathers, FBI agent and the odd hitman took over the clubroom to try to solve the Tracy gang murder mystery.
Guests were celebrating the success of the notorious Tracy Gang, in the Tracy Speakeasy.
“Aiden Abet” the leader of the Tracy Gang developed a scam that netted him $1m. However, once his victims caught on he became a hunted man. The $1m was hidden in the Tracy Speakeasy and when it strangely reappears it leads to murder!
Through out the evening, everyone had to unravel the mystery of the dead man walking and solve the case!
There was much hilarity and all in all an amazing evening!
Congratulations to Hazel and the entertainment team, for organising a unique and highly event – one enjoyed into the late evening.
Thanks to Jo Watson for the fantastic photos.