Team Roles – Gosnells Bowling Club


Team Roles


A good lead sets the control of the head, with a good team built around a good lead

Must have good communication with the Skip

Use the “roll-up” to find the truest hand and discuss with the Skip

Place the mat at the discretion of the Skip

Deliver the Jack as close as possible, to a distance determined by the Skip

Get two bowls in the “keyhole” – an area no more than 1 mat length around the jack

Do not lose concentration on the game


A good Second should be a “jack of all trades” to cover all situations that may arise

Bowl the hand as directed by the Skip

Draw to the jack or a position as requested by the Skip

Never anticipate what direction the Skip will give

Stand behind the mat and await direction

Be capable of the full variety of shots

Keep the scorecard – acknowledge the score, record neatly and adjust board if at that end


Should be a strong bowler, encourage team performance, be diplomatic and loyal to the Skip

Be capable of the full variety of shots

Be in full harmony with the Skip

Accept directions without question

Be a good judge of a shot, as the Skip will rely on the ability to give an accurate assessment of the head

Call the Skip to the head if in doubt

Be a capable measurer and aware of the laws of the game

Stand back when the Skip is playing, don’t move or say anything unless asked

Be aware of games next to you to protect the head in case of a wayward bowl

At completion of each end, give the Skip clear result of the end and then to Second

If head changes advise the Skip accordingly


Should be a motivator, a good psychologist and an analyst

Must know the team and call shots within their capability

Show leadership and earn the team’s respect

Be firm with directions, not show public displeasure with bad shots, but quietly talk to players between ends

Analyse the team plus the opposition for strengths and weaknesses

Wherever possible not interfere with the Lead – trust their judgement and give advice if asked

Take the Third into confidence to show the team and the opposition that they are in complete harmony

If not happy with the shot called by the Third, go to the head and discuss

Be loyal to the team to bring out the best in them

Be aware of games next to you to protect the head in case of a wayward bowl

Be “in tune” with the state of the green and call percentage shots when required

Know and understand the rules of the game

Always show good etiquette on and off the green – this is a position of respect

Have a positive attitude towards the game and the team – be a good loser

Play with a positive attitude – remember you represent the Club


The Team!

The performance potential of a team is much greater than the individual talents of a player, especially in lawn bowls.

Mutual respect, good communication, trust and encouragement are traits that will foster team spirit.

Get to know your teammates, be positive and supportive, resolve conflict quickly, adopt a good attitude, communicate and don’t be a loud mouth or show off.

Above all, don’t forget to have fun when playing the game.

Play the best game you can, but remember enjoyment increases everyone’s success!